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ANG Artelia Group

Insurance Recovery

ANG Artelia Group has an outstanding reputation for providing construction advice, risk analysis and procurement guidance to the Insurance Industry, We provide the complete solution to High Net Worth losses including damage to Historic Buildings with a new approach called ANG360.

Designed specifically for the insurance market, ANG360 allows disaster recovery work to commence in parallel with design development, local authority collaboration and procurement of works contractors, to reduce contract duration, cost, and improve the speed of settlement.

ANG360 recognises new challenges for the industry posed by the coronavirus pandemic, by offering clients remote monitoring of projects in real time, including shared documentation, data analysis and 360 degree footage and video tours. Find out more here (

The comprehensive range of services we offer comprise the following:

  1. We establish Adequacy of Sum Insured.
  2. Advice relative to Insurers Claims Reserve.
  3. Detailed rebuilding valuations, utilising a comprehensive cost database.
  4. A complete disaster recovery solution including stabilisation, site clearance to final handover.
  5. Claims analysis and evaluation.
  6. Supervision of Third Party Professional Services.
  7. Proactive advice on insurance clauses in building contracts.
  8. Consultation and guidance on contents claims.
  9. Appraisal of policy wording relative to re-construction.
  10. Negotiation with loss adjusters to achieve equitable settlement. Guidance on interim payments and cash flow.
  11. All professional services including Architecture, Engineering, Quantity Surveying and Management Contracting.
  12. Programme and procurement advice.
  13. Loss mitigation services including advice on betterment, business interruption and the provision of alternative accommodation.
  14. Insolvency advice.
  15. Advice on subrogation where appropriate.

For more information or to make a project enquiry, please contact us.

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