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ANG Artelia Group

Management Contractors

ANG Artelia Group operates in the specialist fields of Restoration, Conservation and Conversion of Listed Buildings as a response to our clients' specific needs and the changing nature of the Construction Industry.

The majority of contracts awarded to ANG Artelia Group involve Grade I or Grade II Listed Buildings.

An Inclusive process

The Management contracting model completely integrates the Professional Team with the Construction Team at an early stage to ensure best value through value engineering, competitive tendering, accurate early construction planning and pro-active management.

The success of any building project depends on the quality of the information produced. With ANG Artelia Group as the Management Contractor, the management and flow of information is constantly monitored and cost checked to ensure that problems do not occur and give rise to spurious and expensive contractual claims.

Why us?

The efficient financial structure of the business facilitates the early delivery of an audited transparent final account.
Best Value
All trade/work packages are competitively tendered.
Bespoke Design Team
Can be chosen by the Client or Austin Newport Limited. The role of each professional, remains exactly the same as with any traditional form of procurement.
Construction staff monitor all practical matters during the design period.
lump sum fees for all disciplines.
Fixed Management Fee
No incentive to maximise return through claims
Construction Staff are introduced at the design stage and are involved through to completion.
Early start on site
Parallel programming, as construction progresses design is developed and tendered in line with the critical path.
Efficient Programming
ANG Artelia Group has the facility to programme and manage both the Pre-Contract Design work and construction work at an early stage so that critical dates can be met.
Financial Advantage
The Client pays for the Prime Cost of the Preliminaries and the net cost of the competitively tendered work packages.
Easy integration of preferred or alternative sub-contractors
Both professional and construction teams are combined early on to develop the most efficient and cost effective design.
Any saving achieved against budget through the tendering of the work package reverts back to the Client.
Transparency of Costs
Full supporting information provided with valuations
VAT efficient
on listed buildings

For more information or to make a project enquiry, please contact us.

New College, Oxford St. Catherine's College Library, Oxford Navapan Hall, Oxford